Abdominoplasty Informational Video

In this video, Dr. Vennemeyer discusses how tummy tucks improve the core and shares some of his impressive results.

Video Text:

The tummy tuck or abdominoplasty is one of the most powerful procedures in plastic surgery. A tummy tuck fixes problems exercise cannot fix. It improves your tummy in three important ways: Skin, Fat and Core. In this video, we will discuss your core. Your core is made up of your core muscles surrounded by tough layers of connective tissues like the gristle in steak. This connective tissue holds the muscles together. When you have babies or gain weight, the increased volume inside your tummy stretches the gristle and separates the muscles. Your six pack muscles or rectus muscles are supposed to be close together in the middle of your tummy. When they get stretched apart, it is just like loosening a belt several notches- the circumference of your tummy gets bigger. This creates the effect of a “pooch” or bulge.

All the sit ups in the world will not make this go away. Exercise will tone the muscles, but it will not bring them closer together.  During a tummy tuck, we stitch the muscles back together to make your tummy flatter and tighter. This can make a dramatic difference in tummy contour.

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