Educational Video for Women about Subpectoral Breast Augmentation

In this video, Dr. Vennemeyer discusses implant position and shows an example of his before and after results.

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Video Text:

Breast implants are frequently placed under the pec or chest muscles to increase the amount of soft tissue covering the implants.  The more of your own tissues covering the implants, the more natural your breasts will look and feel.  The extra coverage helps prevent visible rippling in the upper half of the breast that lower cut clothing and bathing suits may expose.  There is also a lower risk of capsular contracture. One disadvantage is that contraction of the chest muscles can create some distortion of your breast shape.  This is not typically visible in clothing and usually does not bother patients. There is slightly more discomfort post operatively after a breast augmentation under the muscle because it is necessary to release some of the chest muscle fibers to make a pocket for the implant. The muscles will still function after surgery and you can work out after your recovery. Because many women seeking breast augmentation do not have much breast tissue, this is a great choice for the majority of patients.

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