Live Surgery Video

In this video, Dr. Loftus demonstrates a breast augmentation procedure.

This live surgery video was filmed in the private surgery suite of Loftus Plastic Surgery Center in Cincinnati Ohio and Northern Kentucky. In it, you will see Dr. Loftus perform the actual surgery and explain nuances about the procedure and breast implant selection and  placement. You will see how the surgical pocket is created, how the implants are prepared for placement, and how both saline and silicone implants are placed. The exact means for filling saline implants is shown and explained. You will also see how the patient is sat in an upright position for assessment of implant position.

Please note: No video recordings of patients are obtained at Loftus Plastic Surgery Center without expressed written consent of the patient. The patient shown in this video gave full consent prior to the filming of this video.

About The Loftus Plastic Surgery Center

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