• Light laser peels will improve skin texture with minimal down time. Multiple treatments are usually required to improve pigment changes or skin tone
  • Deep laser peels improve skin texture, tone and pigment changes more dramatically, but require more down time for healing.
  • Although facelifts reshape your face and tighten skin, they do not improve skin texture or pigmentation changes. Laser treatments are a great way to boost your facelift result.
  • Pulsed dye lasers can improve tiny red blood vessels on the face and other red-colored lesion


  • Skin tightening from laser treatments is not as dramatic as a facelift. Do not expect facelift results from a laser. You can learn more by reading this blog. Marketing hype often oversells what a laser can do.
  • Laser hair removal is not permanent removal; it is permanent reduction. At least five treatments are required for good results. Expect some sparse hair regrowth after 1-2 years. A single touch up treatment will likely be necessary every couple of years to maintain your result.
  • Laser liposuction does not give you a better result than traditional liposuction, and it has the added risk of burns. The technology does not matter. What matters is the skill of the surgeon with the technology they choose. Always go to a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.