Thermage® is a non-ablative resurfacing device used to tighten skin of the face and body. It works by heating the skin with radiofrequency energy. It is not a laser. Since Thermage is non-ablative, it does not damage the surface of the skin, avoiding raw surfaces after treatment. The outpatient treatment is performed in the office and does not require down time. Minor redness may result for a day or two. Mild tightening of the skin is possible—it does not provide the result of a facelift. The result develops over 6 months as your skin responds to the treatment. This is an option for people who do not want surgery and cannot tolerate any down time. 

What to Expect if You Have a Thermage

Anesthesia: Local

Location of procedure: Office

Length of procedure: 60-90 minutes.

Length of stay: Outpatient (home same day).

Discomfort: Mild

Swelling: None to Mild

The healing process: Mild redness lasts 1-2 days. 

Presentable in public: 1 day

Sun protection: SPF 15 or higher should be worn indefinitely.

Final result: Skin gradually tightens over 6 months.

Conclusions on Thermage: Thermage provides mild skin tightening with no downtime for people who do not want an invasive procedure. You will get more benefit for about the same cost from more invasive procedures.