No. Here’s Why

Breast implants, also known as breast augmentation, make breasts larger but do not raise your nipples or breasts. Saggy breasts are breasts where the nipple sags below the natural crease either mildly or severely.

A breast lift is the proper solution for saggy breasts, because it will raise your nipples and tighten loose skin. However, a breast lift does not change your breast size.

Simply put, if your nipples and breasts are droopy and you want them lifted to a higher position, then you will probably need to have a breast lift.

If your breasts are small but not droopy and you want them larger, then you may want a breast augmentation.

If your breasts are both smaller than you would like and droopy, you may chose to have both procedures.

Breast augmentation and a breast lift are two different operations that accomplish two different goals. They are commonly
performed at the same time, but may also be performed separately. Depending on your grade of ptosis (droop) the results will vary if performed separately.

When trying to decide which surgery will benefit you the most you may take into consideration the following recommendations of Dr. Loftus (and also read their blog on the topic):

  • If you have Grade I ptosis (mild), you can probably avoid
    having a lift. You must accept, however, that your nipples will
    not be raised and will continue to appear low. You will probably
    be happier with slightly lower nipples than with the scars that
    accompany a breast lift. If not, you can choose to have a breast
    lift at any time.
  • If you have Grade II (moderate) or Grade III (severe) breast
    ptosis, then you will probably need to have a breast lift done at
    the same time as your augmentation for the best results. If you
    have this degree of droop and you choose to have implants without
    a lift, then you will almost certainly have a bulge either above
    or below the implant. These deformities are referred to as
    “bulging” and “double bubble”. Fortunately, a lift will remedy
    either problem in most cases.

Bulging is due to the apparent fullness of the upper half of the breast. This occurs in those cases when the implants are placed in the proper position on your chest wall but because the natural breast is so low it has the appearance of hanging off the implant.

If your surgeon attempts to remedy bulging by over-lowering the implant, you may develop a double bubble, which is an unnatural bulge below the breast.