Video of Live Operation

Video #1: Breast Augmentation Surgery Video (10 minutes)

This video was narrated by Dr. Loftus and shows the actual live operation as performed by Dr. Loftus on an actual patient. During this video, Dr. Loftus shows how the patient is marked on the day of surgery. She then demonstrates how the incision is made and how the pocket is created surgically for the implant. Dr. Loftus then shows the difference between saline and silicone implants, demonstrating how each is placed. She also shows how the fill tube is removed from a saline implant. She shows how the patient is sat in an upright position to help with intra-operative evaluation regarding implant positioning. Many people have found this video to be extremely helpful in understanding the operation of breast augmentation. If you do also, feel free to comment on this video on You Tube:

Video #2: Breast Augmentation Pre-operative Evaluation Video (5 minutes)

This video may be viewed by clicking HERE. This video is also narrated by Dr. Loftus and shows how Dr. Loftus evaluates a woman’s breasts during the breast augmentation consultation. It shows the measurements that Dr. Loftus makes when assessing a woman’s breasts. The video highlights and explains the common occurrence of minor asymmetries and also shows how implant sizers can be used pre-operatively to determine which size implant to use at the time of surgery. Many women have found this video helpful in understanding their own breast asymmetries and in knowing what to expect during the pre-operative consultation.

Both of these videos were filmed professionally in the private operating room of Dr. Jean M. Loftus. The patient in the videos is an actual patient of Dr. Loftus who expressly consented to the filming of her consultation and operation as well as to the posting of these videos on this website and You Tube.

Educational Breast Augmentation Videos

Click here to watch informational videos about breast augmentation.