To Lift or Not to Lift (When Having Implants)

First and foremost, remember that a breast lift surgery will raise your nipples, but will not affect breast size. Breast augmentation, on the other hand, will make your breasts larger, but will not raise the nipples. These are best looked upon as two different operations that can be (and often are) performed on the breasts at the same time – but for different reasons.

So, begin by deciding which of the above is or are your greatest concerns. And, visit augmentation without breast lift so that you understand the recommendations below. Also, spend time learning about degrees of droop and limitations of breast lift surgery.

Overall, the extent of a woman’s breast droop (if any) will determine whether or not she should consider having a breast lift surgery along with breast augmentation:

  • Women with mild (grade I) breast droop often do well with an augmentation alone, provided they wish to increase their breast size and are willing to accept possible bulging of the upper half of the breast.
  • Women with severe (grade III) breast droop rarely do well with an augmentation alone, as the risk of double-bubble and severe upper pole bulge are extremely high.
  • Women with moderate (grade II) breast droop may choose to have an augmentation and lift combination or may choose to start with augmentation alone. If so, they should be prepared to pursue a lift if they end up with a bulge or double-bubble.

General Lift Tips

Anticipate scars: as a general rule, the more extensive your droop, the more extensive will be your scars. Ask your plastic surgeon for steroid cream to help suppress the inflammatory phase of your scars.

Wait until you are done bearing children before considering breast lift surgery, as pregnancy is likely to cause recurrent droop.

Quit smoking and nicotine aids for four weeks before and after your breast lift to reduce the risk of healing problems and infection.

Anticipate recurrent droop if your breasts are large. The larger your breasts are, the more droop you can expect, and the sooner you can expect it. This does not necessarily apply to large breast implants, only to large natural breasts, as natural breasts and breast implants generally age differently.