Ideal Saline Implant


The “Ideal Saline” implant is a new alternative in breast implants. It combines the benefits of saline (such as immediate awareness of rupture) with the benefits of silicone (such as a softer and more natural feel). It is a great solution for those women who seek the peace of mind of a saline implant with the look and natural feel of a silicone implant. And it is available at Loftus Plastic Surgery Center!

This structured implant has two chambers, each of which holds saline. The chambers are also baffled, which reduces movement of the saline, causing it to feel more like silicone.

As with other saline implants, there is no “silent rupture” with the Ideal saline implant. If you have a deflation , it will become evident immediately, and your body will safely absorb the saline.

Ideal implants cost about $1200 more than regular saline implants and about $300 more than silicone implants, but offer the best-of-both-worlds solution that many patients seek. Call us today!