Dealing With Breast Volume Asymmetry

All women have breast asymmetry. One breast may be higher, larger, or shaped differently than the other. The nipples may be uneven in size, shape, position, or height. The breast crease is often asymmetric in position or shape. Your surgeon will probably point these asymmetries out to you prior to surgery. It is important that you recognize them and understand that, with the exception of breast size discrepancy and possibly breast crease position, most asymmetries will not be improved or corrected as a result of breast augmentation. In fact, some asymmetries may become more obvious simply because you will spend more time looking at your breasts after surgery.

If your breasts have mild to moderate asymmetry in size, this can be addressed in one of three ways. Your surgeon will recommend the best option for you.

  • Have implants of different sizes placed. Be aware that because the implants will have different diameters, you may be introducing a new asymmetry. But, if your breasts vary in size by more than 20 ml, this is the best option.
  • Have identical implants placed and filled to different volumes. This option is most appropriate for volume discrepancies of less than 20 ml, and can only be achieved with saline implants, as silicone implants are pre-filled. Silicone volumes can not be altered by the surgeon.
  • Have identical implants filled to the same volume. Your present size discrepancy will be less noticeable when both breasts are larger. This is best for asymmetries less than 20 ml which do not bother the patient.

Note that regardless of the option you select, your size discrepancy will be less apparent after surgery, as both breasts will be larger.

What if My breasts are Really Really Asymmetric?

Some women have such significantly asymmetrical breasts that their breasts vary in size by several cups. Many options exist for attaining symmetry. First, you must decide your desired breast size. Do you want both breasts smaller than the small breast or larger than the large breast? Would you rather have both breasts match the size of one of your existing breasts? Or would you want them somewhere in between? Regardless of what you choose, a combination of augmentation, lift, and reduction can be applied to improve your symmetry—often with amazing results.