Welcome Film Maker to “A Cincinnati Makeover”!

Video Contest sponsored by the Loftus Plastic Surgery Center. 
A $2,000 Grand Prize will be awarded to the video that best captures the “Makeover” taking place in and around downtown Cincinnati; OR, the changes that need to take place in Cincinnati to make our city as great as it can be.

Contest is open until midnight on June 15, 2013. Winners will be voted on by viewers.

Cincinnati is amidst a makeover, new investment and a new generation aspires to move Cincinnati into the 21st century with a return to the urban core; transportation initiatives, racial and social integration, renovation and restoration of original architecture, and preserving the past while progressing into a healthy, profitable community.

The Loftus Plastic Surgery Center in Cincinnati, Ohio is proud to sponsor the “Cincinnati Makeover” Video Contest.  The winner of the video contest will best document how Cincinnati has changed, OR, demonstrate change that can make Cincinnati a better City.  Here is how it works.

A Cincinnati Makeover Details
Applicants will create a 2-4 minute video with sound that demonstrates the changes taking place in Cincinnati, or the changes that need to take place in Cincinnati.  The creator(s) have a wide birth of topics to choose from as our downtown area has come a long way, and has a long way to go. 

Videos will be screened prior to release on our Youtube page, so no use in sending videos with gratuitous nudity or excessive swear words.

Judges Parameters
Each video will be judged by the expert plastic surgeons at the Loftus Plastic Surgery Center and their team.  The winning video will have an identifiable premise, that is, a well-chosen and specific point.  Whether that point demonstrates a change that has taken place or one that needs to take place, is up to the creator of the video.   With all of the updates and makeover taking place all over Cincinnati at places like The Banks, Washington Park, Music Hall, The Gateway Quarter, Main St., Clifton, Over The Rhine, 6th St. Downtown, it is not hard to find topics that will help us all grasp this change.

Sound and Audio 

The sound chosen for the video will be judged on how it correlates with the imagery and the overall premise of the video.  Be warned, if your sound sounds really bad, like having wind blast into a microphone, then your message will be muted.  This contest is open to professionals and amateurs alike.  Sound in your video would help, but is not completely necessary.  
We are creative types; it’s the video that is best able to convey it’s message that will win.

We want to understand “Where you are coming from, what you are trying to say” in your video of 2-4 minutes.

This contest is open to professionals and amateur videographers alike. 

The 3 videos that make it to the finals will be published on our website, www.infoplasticsurgery.com.  There, the community will vote for their favorite video.  The video with the most votes from the community will win the competition.
Community comments will also be taken into consideration, so if your video gets a good conversation going then the more power to you as you have chosen a hot topic and engaged your audience.

The winner of the contest will have:

  1. Made it to the finals
  2. Is one of the two top vote getters
  3. Has at least one comment on the video (C’mon, if no one even talks about a video did it even exist?)
  4. The final winner of the contest will be chosen by counting up the votes by the public.

More legalese.
We reserve the right to use the video, publish the video, on our website, social media, blog, feed, Youtube channel.

LPS reserves the right to deny entry to any video for any reason.

We assume that the videographers has the right to use any music or imagery they submit to the contest, it is assumed by Loftus Plastic Surgery that all music and images being entered into the contest that the provider of that content is responsible for using the images and sound.  Contestants must have the right to use all images and sound in a video entry.  All liability for copyright is assumed by the creator of the video.

The content of the videos do not represent the ideas and beliefs of the Loftus Plastic Surgery Center.  LPS believes in free speech, beautiful people and communities, great art and conversation.

All entries must have a valid Name, Email, and phone number.
LPS makes no promises or assumes no responsibility during this contest.

LPS is annulled from any vote tally malfeasance or tampering.  LPS will count votes with the available technology they have, if there is manipulation of the votes by an outside party then it is not the responsibility of LPS to rectify, or investigate.

A Cincinnati Makeover