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Body Proportions (and Disproportions)

A Blog on How Plastic Surgery Can Make You Proportionate by Dr. Loftus

Our patients that seek to improve their body shape are generally focused on improving their waists and hips to create balance in their proportions. The key to having the most attractive feminine contour lies in having the right hip to waist ratio. It does not matter what size you are, per se. It comes down to the relative difference between your waist and hips.

Psychologists, anthropologists and other similar academically minded souls have studied this by showing people pictures of women with a wide range of proportions. They determined that a certain ratio of waist to hip circumference is considered most attractive and feminine by the majority of people. Something in the primitive depths of our brains is programmed to recognize this as female. The ideal number seems to be around 0.7 waist to hip ratio. This number results in a more narrow waist that flares slightly into the hips. An hourglass figure…

To determine yours, measure around the most narrow portion of your waist. Next, measure around the widest part of your hips. To find your waist to hip ratio, divide the waist number by the hip number (Waist/ Hips = Your Ratio). To get a 0.7, your waist must be 30% smaller than your hips. This contrasts men who have a waist to hip ratio around 0.9— less taper in the waist makes a more squared shape.

These numbers are general guidelines, which help to explain mathematically what our minds perceive as ideal on an artistic level. It would be impossible to give everyone an ideal ratio, and you should not fixate on this number in an attempt to achieve it. Instead, use it as a guideline to judge where to focus for improvement if you are not happy with your proportion in the waist and hip area. Any change that moves you closer to this ratio will give you a more feminine contour.

If your number is bigger than 0.7, your waist needs to be smaller or your hips need to be larger to reduce the ratio. Most people would prefer to make their waist smaller. Liposuction may be a solution for you. If you have extra skin around your waist, a tummy tuck may be the answer. If your number is smaller than 0.7, your hips need to be smaller or your waist needs to be bigger. We are guessing you may want to go with smaller hips, which can be achieved with liposuction if excess subcutaneous fat is affecting your contour.

If your goal is to look amazing, maximizing the femininity of your curves will help you get there. We specialize in creating natural, feminine results. Contact us to set up a consultation if you are looking to make positive changes in your figure.

Dr. Loftus

About Dr. Loftus

Dr. Loftus is a female plastic surgeon who is considered a national authority on plastic surgery, having appeared on numerous talk shows as an expert. Her book has become a best-selling book on plastic surgery and has earned her the reputation as a vocal advocate of patient safety, satisfaction, and education in plastic surgery. No wonder her patients have such great things to say about her…
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My results are amazing - Dr. Loftus is amazing!
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The entire experience was fabulous!
I am a nurse who has worked with many doctors, Dr. Loftus is the best!
The care was exceptional and results are incredible!
My results are better than I ever imagined!
Dr. Loftus is a rare surgeon: highly skilled, personable and compassionate!
My experience from start to finish was completely extraordinary!
Awesome results from a skilled and caring doctor.
I love love love Dr. Loftus and everyone in the office!
I've never felt so comfortable and understood in a doctor's office.
I felt so comfortable and barely had any pain at all.
I never knew I could look this good! Thank you Dr. Loftus!!!
Never met such a warm and caring staff anywhere else.
If only every doctor could be like Dr. Loftus, how very fortunate we would be.

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