Lasers versus Facelift

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There is a lot of interest in minimally invasive options for facial rejuvenation these days. Rightfully so. We feel you should choose the least invasive option that will get you to your aesthetic goals. Lasers have many applications and benefits. There are situations where they are useful and situations where they fall short.

What lasers can do for facial aging

Lasers are fantastic for improving the texture of skin, reducing fine to moderate wrinkles and lightening age spots. Some tightening of the skin results. Lasers are great for improving skin around the mouth where a facelift is ineffective. Lasers will not cause enough tightening of the cheeks, neck or jowls to replace a facelift, however.

What a facelift does for facial aging

Facelifts move fat back to a more youthful position on the face to reconstruct a younger facial shape. Extra skin is then removed to tighten the looseness from loss of skin elasticity. A facelift can create much more tightening of the skin than a laser since extra skin can be removed. However, a facelift will not improve texture or improve pigmentation problems like a laser.

Balanced facial rejuvenation

If you just need an improvement in texture and fine wrinkles, a laser treatment may do the trick. If you have sagging of facial tissues, you need a facelift for the best improvement. If you are in the facelift category, but have poor skin quality, fine wrinkles and rough skin texture, you will probably benefit from both. In this situation, we recommend that you start with a facelift. After several months, you could have a laser peel to complete your rejuvenation.

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