Bulbous Nose

Blog about improving the nasal tip through nose reshaping from your Cincinnati plastic surgeons

Our Cincinnati plastic surgeons specialize in nose jobs, breast augmentation and many other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Rhinoplasty or a nose job is frequently requested as a solution to an excessively rounded or large nasal tip. This is called a bulbous tip by plastic surgeons. A similar problem is the boxy tip, which is more squared in shape. Both problems can be improved with nose reshaping procedures.

Many people are apprehensive about nasal surgery, because they perceive the recovery to be difficult. This is usually not the case. In fact, most patients are surprised at how easy their recovery actually is. The key is to rest with your head elevated and use ice frequently, especially over the first 72 hours after your procedure. Within a week, you will probably be surprised at how good you look.

If your nasal tip is your primary concern, the recovery can be easier. A bulbous or boxy tip can be improved by trimming some cartilage and shaping the tip structures with stitches that are hidden on the inside. These do not have to be removed. There is no need to fracture and set your nasal bones to improve the tip, and repositioning the bones is the part of rhinoplasty that creates the most potential for bruising and swelling.

The amount of change possible varies from person to person. It depends on the thickness of your skin, the shape and strength of your cartilage, and the result you desire. An improvement is generally possible for most people. If you are considering nose reshaping, contact us to set up a consultation. We are excited to help you through the process!

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