Best Breast Implant Incision

Breast Augmentation Incision Locations

There are multiple places where our Cincinnati plastic surgeons can make your incisions to place your new breast implants. These include the belly button, the armpit, around the nipple and in the breast crease. The final scar is never invisible, but it can be less noticeable based on its location.

Breast Implants through the Belly Button

This method leaves no scars on the breast. The scar is hidden around the belly button, but may be visible in bikinis and clothing that exposes the tummy. Only saline filled breast implants may be placed through the belly button because unfilled implants must be squeezed through a long tunnel into the breast. Silicone implants arrive pre-filled. Typically, implants are placed over the muscle with this method, but they can also be placed under the muscle. Complications or problems during or after surgery generally require an incision on the breast if additional surgery is required. This technique requires a lot of additional equipment and specialized techniques. For these reasons, it is less commonly used.

Breast Implants through the Armpit

This scar hides in the armpit and spares any incision on the breast itself. Implants are generally placed under the muscle with this method and it requires specialized equipment and cameras, like the belly button method. The scar may be visible in sleeveless clothing when you raise your arm, but it is mostly hidden. It is a less preferred method because of the equipment needs and plastic surgeons’ perceived limitations of the technique.

Breast Implant Incision around the Nipple

Incisions around the nipple are popular amongst patients and plastic surgeons. This site camouflages the scar by placing it where the color changes from lighter to darker skin around the nipple (areola). The scar is not invisible, however. It is always apparent when the breasts are viewed in the nude from the front. This method can only be used in women with moderate or larger sized areolas. This is the case because you must have enough space to make an adequate sized incision to fit the implant.

Breast Augmentation through the Breast Crease

The most common method of breast implant placement is through the breast crease or “inframammary fold.” This method hides the scar under the breast in the fold. If you have a more discrete fold, the scar hides well in shadow. Women without a more prominent fold do not hide the scar as well. This scar has the potential to be undetectable in bikinis and not be very noticeable in the nude when the breasts are viewed from the front. Most plastic surgeons prefer it because it is well hidden and is the most direct technique. Because it is most direct, it gives your plastic surgeon a great deal of precision and control during surgery. Many plastic surgeons feel this gives them the best ability to create a good result. Check out these before and after pictures to see some of our results.

Which Breast Augmentation Incision is Best?

This depends on three factors. First, your preferences; if you prefer your scar in a specific location, tell your plastic surgeon. Second, your anatomy; your plastic surgeon may feel that one method will work best for your particular anatomy. Third, implant selection; certain implants may not be compatible with some of the incision locations. The bottom line: we cannot generalize and state that there is one “best” incision location for breast implants. Every woman has a unique set of goals and anatomy that requires a thoughtful discussion with your plastic surgeon to arrive at your incision choice. For more information, check out our breast augmentation incision page. If you are ready to take the next step, contact us to schedule a consultation!


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