Breast Augmentation Plus Life - Part I

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One of the most common reasons women seek breast surgery in our practice is to fix the deflated appearance of their chest after having children. Women miss the fullness in the upper half off their breasts that looked good in clothing and bathing suits—the volume that mysteriously went away after breast feeding. Most of these women express a desire to increase volume or fullness, plus they want their breasts to be perkier.

What exactly does perky mean? Perkiness exists when the nipples are in an ideal position. This means they are above the breast crease and centered on the most projecting part of the breast. As your breasts enlarge from pregnancy and breast feeding, the skin stretches. When your size decreases, you are left with extra skin. This causes the nipples to fall from their ideal position as the breasts deflate.

How can we fix it? First, we need to decide how much more volume you want. By using breast implant sizers, we can pick the right implant volume. This is the most accurate way to find the size you will be happy with in the long term. Once you have chosen your size, we need to decide if you need a lift.

Whether you need a breast lift or mastopexy depends on your nipple position relative to your breast crease or inframammary fold (IMF). Basically, if your nipple is above your breast crease, you do not need a lift. If your nipple is below your breast crease, you need a lift. If your nipple is right at your breast crease, it depends. If your nipple is right at your breast crease and you choose a small implant, you will probably need a lift for the best possible shape. If you choose a moderate sized or larger implant, you will probably have a good shape without a lift.

The pictures below show examples of nipple position. Both women show signs of deflation where they could benefit from more volume, but their degree of perkiness if very different. The picture on the left shows a woman with good perkiness—her nipples are above the fold. The image on the right shows a woman lacking perkiness with her nipples below the fold.



In the next blog, we will compare the results when the perkier breast is treated with a breast augmentation and the non-perky breast is treated with a breast augmentation plus a breast lift. As you will see, we can get a nice improvement for both women when we use the right techniques for the situation and your goals. For more information, visit our video about breast augmentation and lift and check out some breast aug plus lift before and after images. If you are ready to take the next step, contact us to set up a consultation at one of our convenient Cincinnati, Ohio or Northern Kentucky offices. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on informative blogs and specials.

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