Breast Aug Recovery

Breast augmentation recovery tips from your Cincinnati plastic surgeons

Our Cincinnati plastic surgeons focus on maximizing your healing after breast augmentation. Healing after breast implant surgery is generally uneventful. However, it is very important to strictly follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions to maximize your chances of a normal recovery. Here are some tips to help. Be sure to follow your surgeon’s instructions, as they may vary from one plastic surgeon to another.

It is critical to wear a soft, supportive bra after your procedure. We recommend wearing a post-operative support bra for 6 weeks. The implants add weight to your breast. It is important to hold them in the right place so that the tissues heal to maintain the right placement. In fact, it is always best to wear a bra when you have breast implants. The more weight that the bra supports, the less your skin has to support. This equates into more longevity of your result.

Expect your breasts to look swollen and torpedo-like for the first 2-3 weeks. After a few weeks they will look much better. Two things will help swelling resolve after your breast augmentation. First, sleep on several pillows to maintain a slightly elevated position for the first couple of weeks. Second, massage your breasts several times a day.  Subtle swelling, perceived as firmness, persists even after your breasts achieve their final size. Your breasts will feel much softer 3-6 months after surgery.

Avoid exertion for the first few weeks after a breast aug. Range of motion exercises are helpful to avoid shoulder stiffness. Elevated blood pressure could cause bleeding and will make swelling worse in the first few weeks after your procedure. Based on this, light walking is encouraged, but you should wait 3 weeks to return to low impact cardio exercise. Wait 6 weeks before returning to strength training or high impact cardio.

Your breast augmentation scar will appear pink and slightly raised in the early stages of healing. Massage can help flatten and soften the scar. You can start massage 3-6 weeks after surgery, using an unscented hand lotion. We recommend doing this 3 times a day for a couple months.

We are focused on maximizing your entire breast augmentation experience. Our website and consultations are designed to educate you to make your best decision. Our surgical techniques are maximized for safety and your best result. We focus on pain control to provide maximum comfort during and after surgery. Our recovery protocols help you achieve your final result as quickly as possible. We are Cincinnati plastic surgeons who take care of women from Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, and the world, we look forward to taking care of you.

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